What does the spanish phrase “finito la musica” mean?

A guy I work with says this at the end of the day. I know that finito means finish and musica is music. Is this a common spanish phrase? What is it referring to?

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  1. BabyBoy
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    that's definitely not spanish, it's an Italian phrase bueno use often when something ends: "finita la musica, pasata la fiesta". (it's not finito but finita because bueno consider music as feminine) the literal meaning is, the music is finished, the party is over. that's when something fun as finished. Sometimes it's even used sarcastically, like when something boring as finished, and you pretend as if that thing is enjoyable, so you said that as if you're sorry that it's over.
  2. smokey.dog ex foot.kickr
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    sounds italian. “finito” doesn’t exist in spanish.

  3. denisse149
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    no is not a comon phrase in spanish, as a matter of fact is not a spanish phrase at al. “finito” it’s itailian, “la musica” it’s spanish. But my gues e’s trying to say ‘party’s over’ meaning end of the day.

  4. AL
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    finita not finito.

    The phrase is “finita la musica, pasata la fiesta”. it’s italian, meaning, the music is finished, the party is over.

  5. Der Schreckliche
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    Finito was a friend of mine. bueno called im that guay because he was very skiny. he ad nothing to do with music

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